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Hiring well is the key to your company's success. Delivering revenue and product milestones requires a predictable hiring forecast and the ability to communicate to the board where you are vs plan. It’s a challenge to support everyone, see what is going on, and know how you compare to the competition in the battle for talent.


TopFunnel can help anyone be a great recruiter. It gives recruiters superpowers and gets hiring managers up to speed. Scale your hiring pipeline up or down as needed with our technology, with unparalleled visibility. TopFunnel provides in depth metrics on which roles your team is filling and how long it’s taking to fill them. TopFunnel can also provide insights on where your rejected candidates are getting hired. And you are never left wondering how you compare to competitors companies with PeerSet Analytics.

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I’ve been in recruiting for 20 years and this is by far the best product I’ve ever used.

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