Our Story

We are also builders who faced the challenge building our team; that’s every talent company. But unlike most, we are technologists who have been recruiters -- literally. TopFunnel started as an agency, sourcing by hand with terrible tools and making placements. We built the tools we wanted but didn’t have.

As technologists, we spent years in front of the terminal building software. And as operators we started some projects that worked, and some that didn’t. We have the technical chops to build the right way. And we have enough sense to know what we can automate vs what we can’t.


We think of our customers as partners and love making them happy. This means we act accordingly and always in their interests. We never want to be seen as a vendor.
We are a technology company. Change is the only constant and we are ok with that. It’s our place in the world to effect great change with our technology.

We embody an extreme bias to action. When something isn’t right, we fix it as quickly as we can. When we see an opportunity to improve something, we do. Our team owns our actions, and we embrace the great responsibility that comes with ownership. We don’t put up with nonsense and fluff when it comes to how we treat our customers and one another.


team members

We have over 30 team members working towards making your candidate experience the best it can be.


emails sent

Our customers have sent over 1.3 million emails.


candidates contacted

Our customers have contacted over 800k candidates using TopFunnel.

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There are no open roles at this time, but you can still send us your resume for future opportunities.

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